outfit: snoods, glorious snoods!

Snood - ebay, jumper & bag - thrifted, belt - supre, skirt - made by me, gloves - Target, shoes - vintage, earrings - Lovisa

Hi guys! This outfit features a couple of firsts (and a couple of erm, basically one millions) - I got a couple of snoods off eBay a little while ago and this was the first time I have worn one.. I have to say I LOVE it. Such an easy way to get a bit of vintage hair style action when your hair is just not cooperating, you feel lazy or, like me, you are giving your hair a break and a coconut oil treatment!

I'm also wearing a petticoat for the first time (also from eBay), and while I really like it I'm actually thinking I might need to make one myself in a nice soft cotton to wear under my skirts day-to-day, rather than this super-pouffy tulle creation which gives me a bit of an extreme look for day time.
I'll probably get more wear out of this one for going out or even under circle skirts.

See that little peek of my new petticoat? It is so windy today!!!

I've been doing lots and lots of reading of forums over on The Fedora Lounge, and I have to say the information I've been absorbing has been so helpful for me building a more vintage look. While I can't really afford to buy vintage everything at the moment I have definitely created a list of clothing and accessories that I am considering my "vintage wardrobe basics" and am going to slowly try to make or buy (very cheaply) everything on it! So, petticoat and snoods get a big tick off the list!


  1. This outfit is so cool!!! I love the skirt. I used to have a red snood, but I have no idea whatever happened to it :( They're fun to wear!

    Life of Mabel

    1. Thanks Mabel :)
      I am totally loving the snood.. If something can look cute and be easy to do I am ALL over it haha.

  2. Gorgeous! I have been wanting a snood for ages but I keep convincing myself if I just teach myself to crochet then I can make it myself. I might just have to buy one. I have also seen these beautiful hairnets on etsy that have been beaded with little pearls. So pretty.

    Building a vintage wardrobe takes time. But can be so much fun. I highly recommend the right under things...I can't live without my longline bra (with a not quite bullet shape) and my girdle. But for me, vintage is all about HATS!

    1. Thank you!
      Ah they are so great, I got mine off eBay for like $3 posted - could be a good start and you could even sew on your own pearls or sequins!

      I've been searching, believe me! It is proving quite difficult to find things in my size though, I really wanted a Rago longline OBG but they only go down to a size 28 which is just useless :( I did manage to find one by Kiss Me Deadly though, so hopefully they are ok!

      I WISH I had more hats, don't they just make an outfit?!

  3. Crap, Taygan. You are adorable. ADORABLE, I SAY!

    Love, Amy


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