outfit: white tights and orange leaves

Lately pretty much all I can think about is travel planning. In 4 months tomorrow Eli and I will be jet-setting off to the USA on a 3 month trip!
We are SO excited about this - not least of all because Eli's band will be doing a West Coast tour for the first 2 weeks!!

Apart from being super excited I've also been pretty busy making sure we're getting everything booked in time and figuring out what we'd like to do with our time there.. If anyone has any suggestions at all we'd love to hear them!

coat - thrifted, dress - 'Paradisco' (from some cheapo store), belt - Supre, tights - Myer, shoes - Wittner

outfit: sweater girl

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sunglasses: Cotton On, dress: Dangerfield, top: thrifted, belt: secondhand, shoes: Windsor Smith

Just a casual outfit for brunch today. The only problem with random mid-week public holidays is that I reeeeaally don't want to go back to work tomorrow!!!

outfit: bicycle! bicycle!

Woo! Pants!

Sorry, I really am a tad obsessed with leg-coverings at the moment seeing as how I can finally actually wear them and all... While everyone else is lamenting the loss of our very clingy summer, I am rejoicing in pants.

top - Dangerfield, pants - thrifted, vintage Scouts belt - thrifted, clogs - Windsor Smith

Also, meet my new(ish) bike! I bought it a while back but only managed to take it for it's first proper spin last night (down to the doctors and back - boo). I thought I'd just about forgotten how to ride but it came back.. after the shakes and sense of imminent death by car/bike accident wore off!

busy weekend..

I don't have any real photos for you today - this weekend was such a whirlwind that I hardly had time to think, let alone shoot outfits :( in fact, I've taken today off just to catch up on all of the around the house stuff that just didn't get done (all week ugh).

But anyway, here are some snapshots from my weekend via my Instagram (and my boyfriend Eli's Instagram!)

I spent my Friday night furiously painting, gluing and stapling to finish our costumes for the 90's party we went to on Saturday...

DIY Nerds 90's Costume

I was SO happy with the finished costumes! Can you believe I only spent 2 nights on this!?!?
So Eli ended up as a box of nerds (or a nerd in a box of nerds), and I was Oblina from Ahh! Real Monsters which was one of my favourite cartoons growing up. The party was fun, and I was surprised by the amount of people who dressed up!

90's Nerds & Oblina Ahh! Real Monsters Costume

I had a brief lie-in with these two on Sunday morning before it was off to the city to help out with Eli's new video for his band Skyways Are Highways. It should be all ready to release by the end of next week so I will definitely share it here - from what we could see by watching the screen on the (incredibly expensive!) camera it looks to be amazing!!!

The intimidating, movie-grade $90,000 camera.. 

Front and centre and ready to dance! I think I'm going to make a couple of very brief appearances in the video :)

Eli and I - I wore a thrifted shirt over a dress that I made and my sisters creepers. I also tried bumper bangs for the second time and I LOVE them. It took me so long to figure out how they worked but now that I know it is so so easy and looks so cute!
Eli is wearing a hula-girl printed shirt from ASOS and Dr. Denim skinny jeans if anyone is interested :)

All in all a very productive, exciting and BUSY weekend!

outfit: casual friday checks

coat - thrifted, shirt - thrifted, belt - Supre, jeans - American Apparel, shoes - wittner

I don't usually wear my hair "done" to work, however this morning I got up and just thought stuff it, I'm sick of having lank, boring hair at work and not being myself!!!

Luckily all of the people who commented on it said they liked it so maybe I'll actually make the effort to do my hair most days now.

This was just a very casual outfit to round off a very loooonnng week, I'm so glad that it's over!

outfit: polka pan

I don't actually recall how long I have owned this dress.
It's one of my favourites, but honestly every time I wear it the outfit generally ends up looking the same.

Today I thought it would be nice if my dress pretended to be a skirt for a while, which turned out rather well I think.
I'm actually on a bit of a roll of trying to match up outfits that I wouldn't usually think of - I've actually gone through and planned a couple so I don't have to think so much in the mornings and have more time to do the important things, like ask my cats what they have planned for the day or spend 20 minutes trying to find my house key (still couldn't find it).

I also got very excited about the multiple-photo-taking feature on my camera.. I mean I already knew about it but I didn't know you could also use it in conjunction with the camera remote, so I now have a collection of about 45 photos of me mid-air with my eyes closed. Something to show the kids, you know.

dress - Retrostar, jumper - Target, scarf and belt - thrifted, necklace - eBay, shoes - Windsor Smith


And just as an added bonus, here is a song/band I am loving SO MUCH right now. I'm not sure if they could be any more adorable.

outfit: navy and mustard

This month has been so busy so far. I'm actually looking forward to having a month of doing nothing. Hopefully May, although the multitude of birthdays in my calendar might prove otherwise...

I know this dress is probably from the 80's, but it does a pretty good job of pretending to be 50's so that's ok. It's also one of the very few dresses that I've bought with the intention of taking them up that I've actually done straight away. Seriously, this almost never happens.

My mustard tights are from Myer, my belt is from Supre and these shoes:

Are vintage.

Still struggling a bit with dressing myself, I'm going to just go ahead and blame that on the weather which can't decide if is quite ready for autumn just yet..
For some reason the changing of the seasons always stumps me. It's like I've forgotten what cold is so I continue to go out in just dresses with maybe some tights, or maybe an enormous fur jacket and then kind of go oh, that didn't work so well, why can't I feel my arms/why am I sweating so much??

Also I desperately need a new coat in a nice neutral colour/pattern. I had a black one but it got so covered in cat hair that no amount of sticky rolling could save it so I had to throw it out. So I'm thinking maybe something like this houndstooth coat, as I'm finding orange not to be the most versatile of colours (reeeeallly...):

Princess Highway coat (because my whole wardrobe DOES need to all be from the same shop. Yes.)

I do have other coats, however they are either fur, pink or a cape and sometimes I feel like I need something a little more throw-on-able.

The most notable event of my week will be the 1990's dress up birthday party I'm going to on Saturday.. I'm going to keep my costume a surprise but I'm pretty excited about it!
We're struggling to think up something for my boyfriend though.. Any idea for what a 6"4ish, brown haired guy could dress up as for a 90's party!?

outfit: lazy days, lazy outfits

You know those mornings - your alarm goes off at some ungodly hour. You fumble around, turn it off and drag yourself, zombie-style, into the shower. By the time you are clean and (only just very slightly) more awake you realise that you both did not plan an outfit for the day, and are well and truly not in the mindset to dress yourself coherently.

Usually for me this situation leads to me sitting on my bed staring at my clothes groaning "I have nothing to weeeaaar" at my sleeping boyfriend and/or cats for the next 30 minutes, realising I have approximately 10 minutes to dress myself and get out of the door, then freaking out and together one of my "go-to" outfits.

This morning was definitely one of those mornings. Actually, I've been like this all week. Ughhhhh.

 Shirt - thrifted, necklace - eBay, pants - Target, Shoes - Windsor Smith

So I thought I'd share with you a few photos of my go-to outfits. The things I chuck on when all of my clothes seem to have disappeared. Mostly dresses because they are so easy to just throw on and grab some shoes and a jacket to match.

Princess Highway dress (have to wear a hair-scarf with this one now!)

Do you have any "go-to" pieces for when you're feeling uninspired?
Hopefully more interesting outfits coming soon!

outfit: china doll

I think this is my new favourite shirt.

My sister was about to get rid of it, but it is VELVET and EMBROIDERED and has a MANDARIN COLLAR. I think she might be insane.

Belt is from Supre, skirt is thrifted and shoes are from Betts/also something my sister was going to get rid of (seriously, I am going to have to get her checked up on, she's nuts).

I wish I had some decorative chopsticks for my hair. I know a lot of people don't like it when people dress too "costumey" or like they are playing dress ups, but to be honest I think it is the most fun!

outfit: crazy cat lady

This bag is my new favourite thing. IT IS A CAT!!!!!!!! Now I have 2 animal-face bags (owl here!) and I want morrreee!

This was my only purchase when I went to one of my favourite op shops at the start of my crazy day yesterday. There was shopping followed by KFC eating followed by bed-dismantling followed by show-going followed by a super fun party back at our place with the best group of people :)
Today has been very quiet, just sleeping in, brunch at Mixed Business in Clifton Hill and now off to do some grocery shopping.

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my hair, I'm really digging the purple although I am still not quite used to it. Somehow pink seemed a lot tamer than purple (maybe because it's closer to red/orange) so I appreciate the compliments!

I am wearing a vintage playsuit, thrifted belt, bag and shoes.


outfit: more orange

As a person who changes their hair colour often, I have noticed that each time I change the colour I have a little mini freak-out along the lines of "ohmygodwhathaveIdonenothingIownwillgowiththiscolournoooooooooo!!!"

Usually it works out fine, but there's always that awkward period of re-adjustment while you consider whether it really is ok to still use your favourite purple dress as your lazy-days outfit (still can't decide.. maybe not to work?), or just how comfortable you feel clashing orange or green with purple (completely fine, apparently. How about all at once??!)

I'm not really a big believer in only wearing colours that you deem "suit you" - I honestly think that if you wear something with enough confidence it doesn't matter what colour it is, you will look awesome because you feel awesome.

Dressing for your shape now, thats a different issue entirely..

Shirt is from my epic ASOS binge, necklace is off eBay, skirt, shoes and belt are thrifted and coat is Princess Highway!

outfit: autumnal orange

Autumn is here and I couldn't be more excited (no seriously, I couldn't).
I've been traipsing about in pants and coats and boots and scarves - I just feel like I finally get to dress up more.

I especially love this American Apparel wool cape - I bought it a few years ago (full retail, errgh) and it is SO warm and SO swishy and just overall awesome.

I am also wearing a shirt and boots from Target, a cardigan stolen from my sister, Cheap Monday jeans and a necklace which was a present from my boyfriend.

You may also have noticed my hair is purple! I love it :) I actually really wanted to go purple initially but got impatient with all of the bleaching I had to do so settled for pink instead. So excited to finally have it the way I wanted it!!

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