outfit: navy and mustard

This month has been so busy so far. I'm actually looking forward to having a month of doing nothing. Hopefully May, although the multitude of birthdays in my calendar might prove otherwise...

I know this dress is probably from the 80's, but it does a pretty good job of pretending to be 50's so that's ok. It's also one of the very few dresses that I've bought with the intention of taking them up that I've actually done straight away. Seriously, this almost never happens.

My mustard tights are from Myer, my belt is from Supre and these shoes:

Are vintage.

Still struggling a bit with dressing myself, I'm going to just go ahead and blame that on the weather which can't decide if is quite ready for autumn just yet..
For some reason the changing of the seasons always stumps me. It's like I've forgotten what cold is so I continue to go out in just dresses with maybe some tights, or maybe an enormous fur jacket and then kind of go oh, that didn't work so well, why can't I feel my arms/why am I sweating so much??

Also I desperately need a new coat in a nice neutral colour/pattern. I had a black one but it got so covered in cat hair that no amount of sticky rolling could save it so I had to throw it out. So I'm thinking maybe something like this houndstooth coat, as I'm finding orange not to be the most versatile of colours (reeeeallly...):

Princess Highway coat (because my whole wardrobe DOES need to all be from the same shop. Yes.)

I do have other coats, however they are either fur, pink or a cape and sometimes I feel like I need something a little more throw-on-able.

The most notable event of my week will be the 1990's dress up birthday party I'm going to on Saturday.. I'm going to keep my costume a surprise but I'm pretty excited about it!
We're struggling to think up something for my boyfriend though.. Any idea for what a 6"4ish, brown haired guy could dress up as for a 90's party!?


  1. It shouldn't be hard to find some grungy jeans and flannel shirts at a thrift store if he's not looking for something super specific

  2. I love the navy and mustard together, and I agree with Betty2Tone, flannel is always an easy 90 outfit :)


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