basics, brilliant lighting and bicycles

Top - Kmart, necklace - eBay, skirt - made by me, shoes & bag - thrifted. Also wearing seamed tights by Leg Avenue.

First of all, can we just talk about how amazing Eli is for capturing the beautiful light in these photos??!?! I didn't have to do any editing at all, I am just so impressed!!

Anyway! Yesterday Eli, my sister and I went and spoiled ourselves with lunch at our favourite local cafe. Well, actually, we were supposed to be meeting a friend there for coffee who was unable to make it in the end, so we turned it into a bit of a family feast instead!

My sister gave me this top recently as we were both clearing out our wardrobes (it is very convenient living with your sister who is also the same size as you!), and as soon as she did I knew it would look perfect in this simple red-white-black combo.

As I've been trying to streamline my wardrobe I've been reading a lot of articles about finding your 'basics' and I'd say this look is 95% made up of things I would consider basic - a simple pencil skirt (in red, which I consider pretty much a neutral colour), striped black and white top with a flattering neckline and my go-to black low-heeled shoes. Oh, and red lipstick of course!

After our lunch date we headed home and Eli and I spent some time out in the sun riding our bicycles along our street. This called for a slight wardrobe change as it is rather difficult to ride in a pencil skirt! So some little shorts from American Apparel were in order.. but I kept the seamed tights :)


I'm finally back from my trip (well, technically I've been back for 2 weeks now..) and I finally have a moment to organise myself and get back to this blog!

Sorry for the total silence there.. one of the big things I learnt while overseas is that travelling and blogging is HARD! Particularly when you are on a river cruise in Vietnam drinking cocktails and there is no wi-fi *sob* haha.

I've really wanted to post sooner, but that too has been hard due to a) every single person I know now wants to catch up with me, b) I have no job or money so I haven't really been going anywhere and c) I've realised I really dislike about 85% of the clothes in my wardrobe and have been basically living in my pj's since I got home.

That makes outfit posts a little difficult.

I did, however, put some clothes on yesterday and leave the house to go and see a lovely new friend of mine whom I met at the Vintage Society meet up I went to just before we left. As someone who has always had a severe (SEVERE) lack of girlfriends it is just SO nice to have met a person and just clicked with them.. this is a very rare occurrence!

Anyway, with regards to my wardrobe, I'm on a bit of a warpath to fix it up, starting with a huge purge (the piles.. oh my god), planning a list of basics which I will mostly have to make myself or thrift since I'm on rather limited funds, and then moving on to making some more lovely vintage-inspired pieces to flesh it out again!

So, in the coming months expect to be bombarded with sewing-related posts, and I will also try to make an effort to leave the house at least once a week wearing something half-decent.

I also have lots of holiday photos.. but I'm not sure whether to share them all in a huge post, if at all. Possibly just a few pics here and there? Let me know what you prefer!

Cardigan - Myer, blouse - Dangerfield, skirt - made by me, shoes - Golden Ponies
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