USA update - up till now

Just dropping in to apologise for the lack of posting - it's been very hard with sporadic Internet connection and no computer to load our photos onto (and there are SO many to share!!) but I am still here and as soon as we get access to a computer I'll be scheduling in a bunch of posts!

We are currently spending our last night in Rapid City, SD, where we stopped off to see Mount Rushmore - we've covered 10 states in less than 4 weeks and have many more to go!

We just spent 2 amazing days at Yellowstone National Park.. It was breathtaking to say the least, the photos we took do it no justice.

Here's a bunch of insta and phone photos from after where I left you last.. More real photos to come!

San Francisco:

The band played at The Stork Club in Oakland.

The vintage stores on Haight St were ah-mazing!

Ocean Beach/San Diego:

This is where we stayed. So rad. 

We went into the city on our way to LA and walked around the Gaslamp Quarter, which was very cute

The gang minus Eli

The Grand Canyon:

Must be seen to be believed

It's a long way down!!!

Los Angeles - Hollywood and DISNEYLAND:

I bought some goodies..

Best day ever. 

For some reason I was blurry in all our photos with Mickey haha. 

So tired!

Back to Hollywood for tattoos at The Martlet Tattoo Parlor with Bryce

Eli was excited about The Beach Boys monument in Hawthorne ^_^

Peggy Sue's Diner - on our way to Las Vegas:

Josh and I were a bit happy. Also I am an ace jumper, I'm not sure what Josh is doing. 
I am going to be as big as a house when I get back. BUT CARMEN MIRANDA BANANA SPLIT WHAAT!!?

This place has a freakin' Dinosaur Park out the back. 

Viva Las Vegas!

I didn't get a lot of photos of The Strip.. But old downtown Vegas is way cooler anyway.

Salt Lake City:

Antelope Island

This shopping centre was crazy-nice/Temple Square.

Yellowstone National Park:

WE SAW A BEAR!! It was SO cute!!

Mount Rushmore today:

Phew! So that's us so far.. I'll share more soon I hope. Also, hello and welcome to my new followers! I'm afraid it'll remain a bit quiet around here for a while longer but thank you all the same, and things will resume as usual as soon as possible :)

*edited because the blogger app is terrible and does ridiculous things to my formatting and then I can't fix it. Grr. *

USA update - Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle was a big deal for us. 

The band played their first US show at Chop Suey the second night we were there, and it was so awesome. The crowd really got into it and the whole band had a great time. 

The same night, after we had left the gig in the pouring rain and stopped in at a club for an hour or so and gotten back to our hotel room Eli asked me to marry him!

Seattle was definitely one of my favourite places, it felt like Melbourne, but more awesome :)

Also, apologies if the formatting on these posts is totally all over the place.. I'm using the Blogger mobile app which is rather lacking.. It looks fine on my phone but it probably looks horrid on computers.. Sorry!!

USA update - Portland!

Hey guys!!!

Sorry for the epically long absence, the last few weeks have been completely insane and I have had NO time to sit down at a computer and write any posts, and I've been basically wearing the same outfit everyday because with 9 people in your group it's hard to find the time to put effort into your appearance!

So a travel-related update instead! 
We landed at LAX on the 2nd of September, met up with 5 of our friends, hopped in our epic 12 seat van and drove 16 hours to Portland, OR to meet some of the other guys. 

Tour van!

We were only there for one night before we had to rush off to Seattle for the bands first show, but we managed to eat some Sizzle Pie pizza, have lunch and breakfast at Laughing Planet, walk around the streets a bit and have drinks at the bar below our hotel. 

We haven't been able to get the photos off our camera yet (next time I am bringing a laptop for sure!) so these are all from my phone/Instagram. If you want to follow along with our adventures in almost real-time, feel free to follow me on Instagram (@taygan).

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