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You know those mornings - your alarm goes off at some ungodly hour. You fumble around, turn it off and drag yourself, zombie-style, into the shower. By the time you are clean and (only just very slightly) more awake you realise that you both did not plan an outfit for the day, and are well and truly not in the mindset to dress yourself coherently.

Usually for me this situation leads to me sitting on my bed staring at my clothes groaning "I have nothing to weeeaaar" at my sleeping boyfriend and/or cats for the next 30 minutes, realising I have approximately 10 minutes to dress myself and get out of the door, then freaking out and together one of my "go-to" outfits.

This morning was definitely one of those mornings. Actually, I've been like this all week. Ughhhhh.

 Shirt - thrifted, necklace - eBay, pants - Target, Shoes - Windsor Smith

So I thought I'd share with you a few photos of my go-to outfits. The things I chuck on when all of my clothes seem to have disappeared. Mostly dresses because they are so easy to just throw on and grab some shoes and a jacket to match.

Princess Highway dress (have to wear a hair-scarf with this one now!)

Do you have any "go-to" pieces for when you're feeling uninspired?
Hopefully more interesting outfits coming soon!


  1. I definitely have my go to, "just can't be bothered" outfits too. Your dress, esp the first one, are super cute. I love the collar on the first. I do like to think about an outfit for an occasion a week in advance, but if there's nothing special happening, generally my outfits are made in two seconds. :D

    1. Thank you :)
      I love planning outfits for events!

  2. Oh man, you just described the majority of my morning routines -- "I have nothing to weeeeaaar", "I hate my clooooothes"... oh yes, I know those mornings oh-so well. If I'm having one of those days, I usually try on a bajillion outfits (making a nice stack of folded clothes on the dresser because I can't be bothered to put them back on the hangers apparently) and usually just end up wearing the first one I'd tried on. Oh, those mornings. How I love them.

    Also, very much enjoying your blog!

    Thumbelina's Wardrobe

    1. Haha isn't it the worst!! You're better than me though, usually by the time I'm done my room looks like a tornado has been through it. It's funny how you tend to go for the first hung you picked (I do that too). It's like if we had just listened to our instincts the first time around we'd have saved ourselves a lot of time and stress!!
      Thank you so much for reading :)

  3. so seriously loving finding you, your blog and your style are awesome with a CAPITAL A! excited to be following along xxx

  4. Pshhh, every damn morning, its the same! I have nothing to wear, sniff, *stare at a closet overflowing with clothes*. Absolutely know what you mean :D
    Although, with your hair, whatever you put on, it magically transforms into something extraordinary!

  5. wow you look just fabulous


  6. Carrément canon la tenue !
    J'adore ton blog :)
    Tu es vraiment belle


    Coline ♡


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