outfit: old hollywood glamour

Last night was my works End of Financial Year party, which was an "Old Hollywood Glamour" theme. 
Initially I was going to go with a red sparkly number but it didn't fit too well and I couldn't find the fabric I needed to make the alterations I wanted to do.
I almost decided not to go, but then a week before I decided to sew up something from scratch instead!
Nothing like an epic last minute sewing project!!

I already had some scalloped blue lace, so I decided to use that up and started looking on etsy at dresses and dress patterns for inspiration.

Deciding what colour to go with the lace was hard, I couldn't decide on a cream or dark blue, but ended up going with the blue as I had decided that I wanted something I could potentially wear again to less formal events - the blue just looked a bit less flashy.

After I had purchased the fabric I came across this pattern on the Vintage Pattern Wiki which was pretty much exactly what I had in mind, so I used it as my guide and came up with this dress. Once again I used my trusty New Look 6132 pattern for the bodice, however I altered it a bit to make the front seams into an "S-curve" shape - which is used to make the bodice lay flat and tight about the ribs, and then curve up into the bust line, giving it more of a 50's silhouette.

For the skirts I used 3 metres of each fabric, and gathered them using this method which was a million times easier and I don't think I'll be doing it the ordinary way anymore!
I also wore my petticoat underneath to give it extra pouff.. I definitely had the biggest skirt of the night!

The over-skirt does up with hook-and-eyes rather than a bow as I was going to wear a belt over it.

I ended up wearing different shoes on the night - just plain black pumps because I felt that these ones along with the length of the dress were a bit stump-ifying on me.

There was a best dressed competition, which I was nominated for and came in 3rd to two guys both wearing something more "costumey", but I got a lot of compliments all night about how authentic I looked and how nice the dress was.. It's always extra nice to get a compliment about something you've made yourself!


  1. You look stunning, I love that you made this dress! I can't believe you only came in third, you should have won for sure :)

  2. Oh wow! Your dress is amazing. Well done!

  3. WOW! You are such an amazing seamstress...that dress looks fabulous on you. So beautiful.

  4. Thank you guys :) I am pretty proud of it!
    I'm not all that good (some of my stitching is still pretty sloppy), but I'm working on it!

  5. Holy crap that I'd gorgeous and perfect for what I'm looking for. Would u .br able to make that for me? Let me know.

  6. Holy crap that I'd gorgeous and perfect for what I'm looking for. Would u .br able to make that for me? Let me know.


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