outfit: leopard beret, sailor stripes and wiinnnd!

Beret - Dangerfield, scarf - thrifted, cardi - Big W, t shirt - Target, trousers - Vivien Of Holloway, shoes - Wittner

Excuse all the hand-on-head poses.. Today was SO windy I am literally holding my hat on my head despite it being pinned on.

My work doesn't allow "head coverings" other than for religious purposes, but that doesn't stop me from seeing what I can get away with every now and then. Today was a success, no one said anything heh.

I'm feeling a little 1930's (correct me if I'm wrong!) french sailor-esque in this outfit, I've had this cardigan literally since I was 17 and have gone to throw it out many a time but something has always held me back - I'm glad I didn't get rid of it in the end!


  1. haha i totally have a few pieces that i just cant toss either. i don't wear them *too* often but they have a permanent spot on my shelves ;) and that's awesome you got away with the hat because it makes that outfit sooo rad

    xo marlen
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    1. I have PILES of stuff haha, it's pretty ridiculous. Luckily my sister and I are the same size so we can swap when we get sick of stuff until we want it again.

      I always get my back up about the hat thing, it's so frustrating to not even just be able to wear hair scarves!! They're my bad-hair-day saviour aargh!

  2. Oh this outfit is just divine! Now I am so keen on those pants...wonder if they go up to my size. I think we might also have to take you hat shopping soon! Hats are the best.

    1. Thank you!
      Have a look, they do seem to have a pretty wide range of sizes.. the waist to hip measurements are a bit nutty though, and I'd honestly probably get the ones from Heyday next, I've heard they're better quality.

      Oh yes please!!! Once I am back from my holiday.. and have a job again.. in the meantime I am thinking of some DIY haha.

  3. Ohh this outfit is so pretty! Those pants are awesome :)


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