bunting, bands and cats

Last Friday night was my boyfriends bands last Australian show before we head off on our holiday, so to celebrate they threw a USA-themed bash!

I had been busy all week creating a flag bunting to decorate the stage with, as well as planning my theme-appropriate outfit. 

Here are a few photos from the night. And some of the bunting. With cats.

Apollo never looks at the camera when I take his photo. He's perfected the art of staring wistfully off into the distance.

Disney just tries to eat everything.

Eli and some of the band!

Oh hai! I wore my American flag shirt, vintage skirt and my favourite vintage shoes. I curled my hair and did a little front roll, and wore my new hoop earrings.

I had to make this almost 6 metres long so it would drape across the stage nicely. That's a lot of triangles!! I found that it was pretty easy to make, except there was WAY too much ironing involved. And I hate ironing.

How cute is this toy soldier print? I actually have an almost-finished dress in this fabric.. I really should get around to completing it!

Sorry for the brief posts guys, still sick and my brain is just not functioning. Let's hope it's back to normal by next week :)


  1. So cute! Love the outfit and especially the hair!

  2. You look so damn pretty, I love your top ^_^

    Aaaw, kitties are adorable! I have the same problem with Muffin, she won't look at the camera, instead she just stares at the window depressingly :D

  3. God bless the USA! I love your kitties and outfit. How cool is it to have a boyfriend in a band??? My boyfriend was in a band for a few years, but the other guy in the band started a family so the band is no more.

    Life of Mabel

  4. Gorgeous!!! It looks like you all had a lot of fun.


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