outfit: facing fears

Beret, shirt, scarf & belt - thrifted, skirt - made by me, bag - Sportsgirl, shoes - borrowed from Katie (although originally from Target!)

So today I did something pretty crazy, for me. I went, by myself, to meet a bunch of people I'd never met before.

It was the Melbourne Vintage Society's monthly meet-up today, something I had just been introduced to by Jess (who ended up being too sick to come, poor thing!) and I was completely of two minds as to whether I would go, despite the enthusiastic "count me in!" I'd mustered up when RSVP-ing via twitter.. In fact even while I was on my way there the nasty voice in my head was urging me to just stay on the tram, tell them I couldn't make it, just bail.

Rather uncharacteristically though, I didn't listen.
This is a pretty big deal for me, as a person who struggles with social interaction even with people I already know half the time.. I'm pretty surprised and proud of myself.

I was probably not the most talkative person (nerrrrves!), but everyone was super lovely, and I'm really glad I went and ate scones, drank tea and talked about all manner of things with them.

This skirt I made using the same pattern as the red one I made earlier, only this time I changed the sizing up a little bit and also lined it in black satin.. Seriously every time I make something that is lined I love it 80% more than I would something I don't line.. I really have to stop being so lazy and just make lining for everything because it is SO worth it!!!

Also I learnt that sewing with satin is a bitch and next time I really should just spend the few dollars on some real lining fabric rather than just trying to make do haha.

I have quite a lot of this dark green fabric left over, so I'm thinking a cute, cropped matching jacket would be a nice idea!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! x


  1. Well done, so proud of you. Totally understand the anxiety nastiness, grrr! Xx

  2. So glad you went - though I am very, very sad I didn't make it. Especially knowing you are heading off soon for your big trip. I really hope you had a fantastic time. Everyone is so nice.

    1. I was so sad when I saw that on twitter! My brain was like "nooooooooooooo!!!!"
      Everyone was so nice so I had nothing to worry about (even though I did haha).
      Hopefully we will get to meet up when I'm back! x

  3. I'm the same way, I probably wouldn't have gone! I'm so shy, it's annoying.

    Your skirt is so pretty! I'm always so impressed by people who can sew. A cropped jacked would be so pretty with the skirt! It's a lovely color.

    Life of Mabel

    1. Argh I know, I usually wouldn't have but I was already half way there, and I just was like you know what, I always bail, lets just do this!

      Thank you! It's truly not that impressive haha, just sewing straight lines. I think so too.. definite project for when I'm back from the US and unemployed/bored!

  4. Wow, this is gorgeous! Running out the door so I didn't have time to read, but I can say that you look lovely and perfect next to that pretty little tree! Alex

  5. Aw! The vintage teas are so fun and everyone is so lovely. YAY! for you going! Hopefully I'll be able to come to the next one.

    1. Yes they were! and it was! and scones! I hope there's another one once I'm back in Aus!

  6. Hooray for facing fears! I'm exactly like you, can't meet strangers like a normal person, I just act like a moron :D

    Kudos for you dear, you beat the crap out of your shyness ^_^

    And your outfit is sublime! The little hat is adorable!!!

    1. It's so annoying, isn't it! I either hardly talk or talk WAY too much and too quickly and just overshare hahaha.
      Thank you!!! xx

  7. Gorgeous blouse! Love your style! x



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