prints-mash and sunflower

 Oh hi! So yesterday I said I wanted to post some more outfits - here is the one I wore yesterday for a casual frolic at my local creek. So efficient, I know.

The cardigan, dress and bag are all secondhand, socks are from Target and shoes are Wittner. I am obsessed with the cardigan, I actually wear it most days at the moment (annoying habit I have - find a cardigan or jacket that I love and wear only that for ever until I find another one I love more). It was $4 at the Savers boxing day sale and it's DKNY and in almost perfect condition!

I also found a lonely sunflower which I am going to attempt to dry & press to put in a scrapbook.. I've never really successfully pressed any flowers so we'll see how that goes!


  1. I think I'm in love with youuu! You have the coolest style ^_^
    Not trying to sound creepy, but I'm definitely stalking you :D

    1. Eep! Haha that's amazing, thank you!!
      Thanks for reading ^_^

  2. Your hair looks amazing in that last image


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