adventures in cooking: more pizza!!

So I think I may have already mentioned how much I love pizza... But just in case I wasn't clear enough, it's kind of an obsession.

Yesterday all I wanted in the whole world was a pizza, so I whipped one up with a few ingredients i had lying around. 

Seriously, you can do that with pizza, it's just so fantastic.

So just because things have been pretty quiet around these parts (I really want to post some outfit photos but honestly the lighting in my apartment SUCKS and I'm still working on having enough guts to take my tripod and camera outside for photos..) here are some pictures of the pizza I made.

Sweet potato, sausage and feta.. mmmmmm...

I already had a ball of dough made from this recipe in my freezer so I de-frosted it and threw on some tomato paste, sliced sweet potato (I didn't cook this first, but if you want to you could for like 5 mins just to soften it up a bit more), cooked & sliced sausages and both danish feta and cheddar cheese.


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