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Wow life has been madness this week!
This is an outfit I wore on Monday to work. Everything I'm wearing is secondhand! The shoes I bought for only 60c and became one of my favourite pairs.. A fact that is plain to see:

They've sadly started to fall apart :( So I'm going to have to either cut my losses or find a good (and cheap) shoe-fixer.. any suggestions?

Some good news from this week now - I viewed a house on Monday in a nice quiet area for my boyfriend and I to prospectively move in to with my sister and cousin.. we applied on Tuesday and got the call from the estate agent on Thursday to say that we got it! We signed the lease yesterday and move in on the 30th!!! This is such good news as we will be living in a huge 3 bedroom house with an extra large room on the back with big big windows (much better for photo taking than my current set up in our little kitchen!) AND it has a huge backyard!!!
Needless to say my sister and I can't wait to start decorating! We have so many ideas, however the house has some challenging details (mental wallpaper and carpet!) so it will be fun to see how we can make it work!

In other happy news, my boyfriend and I adopted another kitty

Her name is Disney and she is about 7 weeks old :) Apollo is not a fan of her at all, but we're expecting that once she grows up a bit and he gets used to her being here (and we're in a bigger place where they can get away from each other if need be) then they will be good buddies!
She's such an energetic, sweet little thing and loves cuddles!

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