Everything's bigger (and hotter)..

.. in Texas!

Seriously, it was about 37 degrees celcius today.. That's 12 degrees too many for me, so I'm happy to be back at our air-conditioned hotel. 

We're in Austin, TX for the next few days by reccomendation of all our friends who say this is just THE place to be. So far I like it, apart from the heat and the ridiculously priced vintage store we went into (well, by US standards. And there was those other, ridiculously well priced ones we visited earlier that I may have made some purchases in..). But this was only day one so more to see as the week goes on!

Dress - revival, belt - thrifted, shoes - Golden Ponies. 

We walked down to the river via this cute river-walk.

Post-heat hair photos.. My rolls are progressing and I even made a bit of Gibson-roll action there without teasing or use of a hair rat, woo!

Abandoned train line..

We were mostly around the 6th street historic district today. There are some gorgeous old buildings there, as well as about a million bars!


  1. We're freezing ass here, I'm so jealous :D
    Awesome dress ^_^

  2. Gorgeous! I am so envious of your travels.

  3. Beautiful!! I love this style but have never managed to get the rolls to stay put when I've tried it!

  4. Looks like a great time in the end! I hope some of my tips were helpful! (Rosie Wednesday)


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