Outfit: there's no place like..

I'll give you a couple of hints as to where we are right now..

*click, click, click*

We're in Kansas! Lawrence, to be exact - home of one of Eli's favourite bands, The Get Up Kids. 

We've spent today hanging around the shops and park, we spent a good hour or so in this AMAZING antique store.. I could have bought almost everything but I limited myself to these pretties;

The dress is late 50's, handmade and mint condition, the gloves are perfect (MUSTARD!!!) and the hat was $4.. I couldn't resist. 
I also almost bought the most amazing pale blue chiffon 1950's party dress because its was $22(!!!), but it had a couple of stains in the skirt that weren't really noticeable but enough to make me think about whether I really need a blue chiffon party dress (probably yes but just help me feel better ok?). 

There is an outfit photo in those post too, see! 

Hat & bag - thrifted, t shirt - Target, shorts - Bettie Page Clothing, shoes - Golden Ponies. 

I'm obsessed with these shorts. We don't have Bettie Page clothing in Australia (as far as I know), and it was very hard not to buy one of each thing in the store, but I ended up getting two pairs of shorts because it was LA and it was BOILING. 

We're just hanging out back at the motel watching some trashy TV now, tomorrow we'll be driving through Missouri and staying in Oklahoma!


  1. Looks like you're having so much fun! I adore your purple dress find and I'm not sure if I would've been able to resist the blue chiffon party dress. xo

  2. That purple dress looks amazing!! good find!!!!

  3. What fabulous finds!


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