Atlanta was so much fun!

The first day there we had lunch with the lovely Amy of A Loo's Closet which was awesome!

*car park selfie!*

We didn't do all that much for the rest of the first day, so the next day we did EVERYTHING!

We went to the Georgia Aquarium, which is home to the largest aquarium in the world.

I touched a stingray and a shark! Eep!

There were so many cute animals there. I loved the penguins, turtles and otters (which I couldn't get a photo of because they move SO fast!)

Wearing a new shirt from Rag-O-Rama in Atlanta, everything else thrifted. 

Next we visited the Atlanta Underground, which was interesting/odd.. 

And finally, after a lot of deliberation, we decided to do the Coca-Cola World thing.. The girl at the ticket booth stuffed something up so we only had to pay for one ticket though.. Woo!

The last part of the exhibition is a room where you can try over 60 Coca-cola brand drinks from all over the world. My favourite ones were probably the Asian and European drinks.. We even tried the infamous Beverly drink from Italy and immediately knew we had tasted it somewhere before.. After trying it about 5 times (and laughing at everyone's expressions of disgust as they tried it themselves), we realised it tastes just like Bitters like you would have in a lemon, lime and bitters drink, just not sweet. 

With that mystery solved we collected our souvenir Coke's and left.

Even though we were full of sugar and bubbles, we had to stop at The Varsity, which was recommended to us by Amy. I'm so glad we did, it's quite the experience!



  1. Gah, your trip sounds AMAZING. I want to visit Atlanta and Savannah so bad!

  2. You're killing me! All this fabulous travel-ness and you do it looking so fantastic. So glad you are instagramming the trip.

  3. I miss you poooosts!!!! Absolutely love the outfit, that colorful shirt is just the thing for my obsession with colors :D Aaaw, the penguins are adorableee!!!!

  4. Oh my what a blast! Loving the pic of you with Amy- priceless! Alex

  5. So is it ok to touch a stingray?!?!? :O I thought it was dangerous ahah! You look beautiful by the way, love the lipsticks in the first pic.


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