date night

Last night after he got home, my boyfriend picked this Revival dress out for me to wear and whisked me out to dinner!
Well.. not before I grabbed a belt and a bag (both from op shops) and chucked on my super-comfy loafer flats from Windsor Smith, of course.

And then once I was dressed he even took a few photos for me! What a doll :)


  1. hey dear! I love your blog but can't seem to be able to follow you? can you add the followers gadget to your blog and then i can follow you! :)

    Much love x

    1. Hello!
      I've added something.. Can you half tell I'm not fluent in Blogger? Haha
      Thanks for your sweet comment :) x

    2. haha! you'll struggle to get followers if they don't know how to follow you :') its there now and I am now following you my love! check out my blog sometime if you get chance!!
      you might not be a fluent blogger but you are doing a good job so far! keep it up deary!

      much love, Tanya @

  2. That dress is adorable and shows off your tattoos so nicely too :)

  3. This is the cutest dress, and it looks so pretty with your pinky hair. ^_^ And of course, bag and belt rock!


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