a change of plans...

Today I was going to share a whole bunch of fun photos and stories from our little Sydney trip.. unfortunately due to an unexpected case of Appendicitis (my boyfriend, not me.. is Appendicitis ever really expected??), we sadly had to cancel the trip.

We also won't be moving as soon as we thought, which is also a bit of a bummer but at least it gives me more time to clean up this place as we gradually move stuff across to the new house. 

My sister and I went there on Wednesday night and my god, I can't wait to share some of the totally bizarre-o wallpaper/carpet choices in there.. My dad had a look too and said it seems like at least 3 of the rooms actually have floor boards beneath the carpet so we're guessing the carpet was more of a 'buy the cheapest stuff to protect the floorboards from nasty renters' situation rather than an actual 'hey brown tile-printed carpet in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry is SO hot right now!' kind of deal.

Yeah it's almost as bad as it sounds, but we're just taking it on as a challenge - I mean pretty much 90% of the homes you see on various decor websites have white walls and wooden floors.. psh, way too easy to make that look good! I've got 6 different kinds of wall coverings and 4 different floorings to contend with. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Anyway, lest this post be a totally text-based affair, here are the last 4 photos from the January Photo-a-Day Challenge from Fat Mum Slim. I've had so much fun doing this and have also been surprised at how hard some of the themes were.

Day 28 - Through // Day 29 - Grow // Day 30 - Down // Day 31 - Yourself

February has already started, and I'm still excited about this so I'm going to keep doing it :) It's also proving quite handy at providing little filler images for my scrapbooking which I will share once I've finished off a couple last pages (I'm doing it as a month-to-month project just because it's easier rather than daily or whatever).

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