outfit: sixties polka dot


I can't believe it's already June - this year is flying by and it is only a meagre 3 months until we embark on our 3 month trip! Aargh!!!
Luckily I just finished booking all of the necessary flights/cars/train trips/insurance today (just need to sort out our visas for Vietnam), and so now I am obsessing constantly over what clothes I will take, how much polaroid film I will need (and which cameras to actually bring with me) and all of the silly, fun details!

The weather here in Melbourne has been rapidly cooling down, which is lovely, but also has been very VERY wet. There was a most epic thunderstorm the other night which scared our cats and caused people to acquire swimming pools overnight.

Once again I have a few outfits to catch up on (oops), but this is what I wore to work today - I was feeling a little 60's inspired after purchasing a lovely new (well, old) late 1960's dress and perusing countless websites for Edie Sedgwick-inspired hair tutorials. More on that later this week!

Everything thrifted except the tights. I think they're from Myer.

Also please excuse my weird pose here.. I'm not sure what I am trying to do - fake a tiny beard perhaps? 
I was literally running around the garden trying to get photos in before it got too dark and these were the best of the batch.. ugh. You get the idea.


  1. Hahaha, what's wrong with the pose, you look like a model! Always so pretty and stylish ^_^

    1. That bit of hair is really bugging me haha.. always so self-critical -_-
      :) x

  2. I love the simplicity of this outfit, it looks so nice with the color of your hair! oh, and your trip sounds amazing!


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