outfit: 60's pastel & houndstooth

1960's pastel shift dress
Cardigan, dress & scarf - thrifted, shoes - Windsor Smith 

Hiiiii guuyyyyyys!!!!

So life is crazy, nothing unusual, I've been neglecting my blog just a wee bit (ahem).

Anyway, this 60's shift dress is an old favourite that I haven't worn in ages because I could never bring myself to wear it while I had pastel hair.. It just looked a liiiittle to frou-frou for my tastes.

I love the little bow on the front, and you can't really see but it also has a scalloped neckline. So cute.

1960's pastel shift dress

I also got my hair cut this evening, in the closest thing to a middy cut I could manage. The hairdresser actually did a pretty decent job considering she obviously wasn't sure about the style I was going for - she listened to what I wanted and checked with me each time she wanted to do something. I think it's actually the first time I've come out of a salon feeling like I actually got what I wanted!

So now I am off to experiment with pin curls and/or rollers - I might even update you all tomorrow on how it goes (no promises haha).


  1. Cuuute! I totally know what you're on about with the hair thing too, it's funny how even a small change can open up a new world of wardrobe possibilities. You look smashing :)
    Betti xx

    1. Thank you!
      You're so right - why just today I saved a shirt I was going to throw out because it was purple and I just couldn't wear it with my coloured hair!

  2. Adore the dress and the new haircut ^_^

  3. So adorable!

    Xo, Hannah


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