outfit: polka dot and floral layers

Layering ASOS shirt & Princess Highway Dress
Top - Asos (part of a two-piece dress), dress - Princess Highway, belt - thrifted, necklace - eBay

I just keep finding more and more reasons to love this dress. It  It's not only gorgeous on it's own, but is also so versatile and great for layering various tops and sweaters over.

The top I am wearing is the top half of this dress from Asos, which buttons to the matching skirt at the waist. I bought it to wear to a wedding a while ago and I'm pretty happy with it's versatility too, the only issue being that the skirt is a teeny bit big for my waist so wearing it on it's own requires a bit of strategic belting-and-tucking.

Layering ASOS shirt & Princess Highway Dress

Today was typical dreary Melbourne day. I bought a new umbrella on the weekend which I was rather excited to try out, however due to being stuck inside all day I missed the delicious rain and still have yet to even open my new brolly!

Layering ASOS shirt & Princess Highway Dress


  1. That dress is gorgeous - I'm especially fond of the uber-pointy collar. And if you want rain, come to the UK! We've got buckets of the stuff. I'll happily trade haha. x

  2. Hello gorgeous! I love this, especially with the pop of florals. I love dressing like it's spring when in winter. I don't understand why one must make things more gloomy by wearing grey, etc. Better to brighten things up like you have. I like your hair colour at the moment, though the lilac was lovely too. :D

    1. Oh thanks ^_^
      I completely agree! Melbourne is the worst for it - everywhere you look it's black & grey... yawn!


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