outfit: red obsession

Cardigan, shirt, skirt & belt - thrifted, shoes - Windsor Smith

So I have just noticed on uploading these photos that I am just a teensy bit obsessed with the colour red.. seriously, I wear at least one red item of clothing almost every day, and if I'm not wearing red clothing I'm probably wearing red lipstick!


  1. Love the skirt, love the jacket! Perfect :)

  2. You look smashing as per :) I love the contrast between ze hair and ze skirt! Keep up the sartorial magic girl, you're one of my blog style inspirations!
    Betti xx

  3. wow I am so much loving your skirt, it has the perfect cut and colour!!

    Have a nice weekend :)
    Drawing Dreaming

  4. Red is my favourite colour, I can never have enough of it. I have a red bag and wear red lipstick most days, I'm working on getting red shoes and I need more red clothes


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