outfit: fruit skirt and bumper bangs

Oops! It seems I've neglected this little space a bit lately.. I'm going to blame that on work and the utter lack of daylight, I literally wake up and leave for work in the dark and then get home and it's dark again! So depressing..

Anyway, I have actually been inspired to do some more creating lately and I have a few projects that I want to start which will make great craft tutorials, so I will do my best to share if and when that happens.

In the meantime, here is what I wore today to have brunch with my sister and best friend. We visited our favourite local spot Lady Bower and ate delicious poached eggs with various accompaniments before saying goodbye to my friend and heading home for an afternoon of kitties next to heaters and mending sweaters (they are sorely needed at the moment, brrrrrr!)

Fruit Print Skirt DIY

Scarf, belt & cardigan - thrifted, earrings, gloves & t shirt - Target, coat - Princess Highway, skirt - made by me, shoes - Wittner

Notice anything different about me?

bumper bangs head scarf

I've gone dark again!

I'm still getting used to it, and I do miss the pastel, but the bleaching was taking its toll on my poor hair (I have a lovely little rats-tail at the base of my neck from broken hairs waaahh) so I've decided to give it a rest and grow out the damage. What do you think?

bumper bangs head scarf

Also, speaking of rats, this is my first successful bumper bang using a hair-rat. I bought it aaaages ago but for some reason just could not get the hang of it. I was very pleased this time though!
I've actually managed to set my hair each night the past week and I must say I've been loving a bit of a 1930's/40's pageboy-esque do with my new darker hair, it definitely feels a bit more vintage (not to mention my hair looks a lot healthier).

Fruit print skirt DIY

Fruit print skirt DIY

ooh double jointed elbows >.<

Do you like my new skirt? I made it from some adorable fabric I found at Spotlight in the clearance section ages ago and I am quite proud of it :)
I've been working on collecting a few extra pieces to take with me overseas as part of my little "capsule" wardrobe (which I will also post about soon) so I'll be bringing this new creation along!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

bumper bang hair scarf


  1. Whoaaa, amazing image overhaul! Your new hair looks incredible, and nice job on the skirt :)
    Betti xx

  2. I think the new hair looks awesome. You have such a pretty face that every color will suit you, so don't dread it :) Plus, your hair will be very grateful :D
    The outfit kicks ass as always, that skirt is the best!!!

    1. ^_^ thanks Keit! I was a little nervous about it haha, but my hair does look a LOT healthier!

  3. Just found your blog- so glad I did! You're outfits are so cute! New follower via Bloglovin' <3 Alex


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