outfit: grid-locked

Dress, sweater & belt - thrifted, shoes - Windsor Smith

This is the last of my catch-up outfits from last week. I'll definitely have a few more next week, seeing as how I only managed to get photos of one outfit on the day I wore it this week. fail.  

Anyway. I adore this dress, however someone got a little snip-happy with the hemline and it is currently un-finished down there due to I don't want it to get any shorter.. For some reason over the last few years I've become a partial-prude, and anything that comes too far up past my knees (shorts exempt) makes me completely self-concious.

I'm off to a show tonight, and tomorrow night too, and finishing off the weekend with a spot of home-hairdressing (friends, not me!) I was sort of hoping for a quiet one, but ah well, I need to shake off my grandma ways and enjoy it while I can!

I hope everyone else has a lovely Friday and weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Cute dress and the belt makes your dress fit very tight and nice around your body <3


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