outfit: shiny gold buttons

Cardigan/dress - Alannah Hill, belt - Supre, shoes - Golden Ponies

I feel so fancy whenever I wear this super-versatile cardigan/dress, because it's a brand name.
And it cost me $85.
But it was marked down from almost $300(!) (I got it from Clear It on Brunswick St).

It is still one of the most expensive things in my wardrobe, but it is so soft and gorgeous and versatile! Also the buttons are gold and really heavy and covered in little rhinestones. So shiny and pretty.

I'm also having a bit of a thing for my Golden Ponies t-bar heels (if you can't tell.. 3 posts in a row!) I've decided I desperately need a pair in black, or at least something similar.


  1. Adorable outfit, once again! So pretty it hurts!

  2. Wow, rather expensive indeed :D
    But so pretty! ^_^

    1. Argh I know!! But I just wanted it so bad haha :)


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