outfit: lemons again. and also bras.

hat - thrifted, dress - Princess Highway, belt - thrifted, shoes - gift from a friend.

This dress is probably my favourite sunny-day dress - it's just so bright and pretty! 

Today was a gorgeous sunny, slightly warm day and I went out for lunch with my Mum and friend. I've been sick the last few days, hence the lack of blogging as I have been just hanging out in my pjs, so it was nice to get out of the house!

I did go to a show last night, and I managed to get my hair into a very Lauren Bacall wave-type look which was awesome, but unfortunately I didn't get any good photos (although you can see my selfies on my Instagram!)

Anyway, just a quick post tonight, I am hoping to attend the Truly Vintage Market tomorrow so I will hopefully remember to bring my camera! 
I am slightly excited/nervous to potentially see/meet a whole bunch of my favourite Australian vintage bloggers.. I'm actually a pretty shy/socially weird person "IRL" so hopefully I don't freak out and not talk to anyone.

While I'm thinking about it.. does anyone else have this issue with meeting people off the internet? 
I find it so weird because you kind of get to know a lot about them by reading their blogs but then if you met them in real life I feel like maybe it would be weird to bring all that up.. sort of stalkerish?? One time I met a blogger at my old work and all I could manage was a weird "Iloveyourblog" and then she asked if I was the writer of this other blog I used to write (back in the day!) and I was like "mmhhmmmm" but then I had to go help another customer and I didn't see her after that. Ugh. So weird.

ALSO, I am actually wearing for the very first time my What Katie Did CC09 Bra which I got last Christmas and have not been able to wear because of my.. err.. lack of frontage.
I was so sad to find that it just did NOT look right when I first tried it. Way too pointy, but not in a sexy 40's/50's siren way.. just like I'd stuck a couple of those polystyrene crafting cones in my top. 
I know you can buy little padding inserts from WKD if you have this issue, but honestly I was just too lazy to bother ordering some. So what I did today instead was use some spare shoulder pads I had that I had ripped out of some jacket or another and kind of pinned them into the right shape and used those instead. Success!
Overall I like the bra ok.. I have been looking at a few fully lined/padded bullet bras on eBay with a slightly more rounded out point which I think might suit me a bit better, so I might give one of those a go. Also the effect is probably nullified a bit in this dress since it is modern and doesn't have the proper darts and shaping in the bust area..
Anyway, thats my weird, random girly blog post for today - have a good weekend!


  1. Haha, the risk of online shopping. But you managed it well with the shoulder pads, smart girl!
    Oh I love your lemon dress! And the cute socks with your shoes ^_^

    I generally feel awkward when I have to meet new people, including bloggers..sigh!

    1. Argh I know, always such a gamble! Haha thank you :)

      Me too, it is very tiring.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I can't believe someone was giving them away!!

  3. I absolutely love everything about this outfit: the hat, the rolled fringe, the shoes <3

  4. This is one amazing outfit, love the hat, but I fell in love at your hair :D


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