Winter Dreaming..

I'm sure I've probably mentioned this a few hundred times, but I'm really not Summer's biggest fan.

Particularly the kind of sweltering, over 40C, bushfire-causing endless ones like what we have recently been experiencing down under!

But just when I am feeling like we're doomed to live in a tropical hell forever, the last couple of days have been deliciously cool (well, cooler), and have me dreaming about all of the lovely, cozy things I'll be able to wear come Autumn and more bearable temperatures!

I've been thinking about the kind of look I want to be wearing for the coming cooler months. I'm going to try to stick mostly to a colour palette of pale blue, mustard, hunter green and deep red, with brown tweeds, grey, black, white and cream for neutrals. I've never been very good at the whole "pick two colours and one neutral" rule for wardrobe planning, so this is my compromise.

I already have some cold-weather appropriate things, but I have a pretty long wish-list too!

Some things on this list include:

1. A New-Look style coat.

I've been searching for a coat like this for such a long time. I've finally come to the conclusion that I'm way too fussy (and poor), so it looks like making my own is going to be my best bet. I'm still thinking about colours, but leaning towards grey with a nice coloured lining, like this one seen on Polka Polish:

Maybe a deep red printed lining? In any case, I hope to start this at least by the start of Autumn so I can get the most wear out of it as it gets colder.

2. More cozy knits

I love the look of a pull-over knit with a blouse collar poking out the top, tucked into a skirt or trousers. Knits are so versatile, whether they are button up or not, and make a very useful layer for those chilly mornings and nights. I really need to re-learn how to knit!

3. More trousers

I already have a few pairs of trousers which will work well with my overall look, but I would like maybe just a couple more pairs.

4. A pair of 1940's-style fur booties or over-boots

I love the look of these adorable boots with seamed stockings and a woollen a-line skirt. I already have plans for a potential DIY project coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that!

5. Long or mid-calf brown lace-up boots
Va-Voom VintageeBay (listing ended) / Vixen Vintage

So versatile, so pretty, and so easy to hide big thick socks under :)

6. Blouses

Sure, maybe not a strictly Autumn/Winter piece but I currently have a severe lack of blouses in my wardrobe. I'm looking at making a bunch of them in my chosen colours and various prints to mix and match with everything else.

7. Woolen A-line skirts

So far I've been happily sewing pencil skirts, gathered skirts and circle skirts, but none of these classically vintage skirts. Perfect in wool and tweed, and amazing for avoiding embarrassing skirt vs wind moments.

8. A snuggly-yet-glamorous house coat/robe

Another thing thats been on my to-do list for a while now. My current, very fluffy, hot pink, modern monstrosity of a dressing gown is just not cutting it for me - I want something with the same warmth and comfort, but about 1000 times more glamour. The immensely talented Frances at Polka Polish made her beautiful housecoat (above) herself, so I am determined to do the same, I just need to settle on a colour and fabric type.

9. Mid-weight jackets
All from Etsy; 1, 2, 3

Another great layering piece, which is essential in Melbourne's unpredictable weather. I'd love to ideally have a range of jackets and matching trousers or skirts which I could mix-and-match with each other. I adore all of the styles above so I'll definitely be getting my sewing machine out for this one.

10. Accessories

And finally, to top it all off, I'll be looking for some more cold-weather appropriate accessories - such as hats, scarves, gloves, a fur muff and various jewellery.

Is anyone else over their current season? Whats on your wish list?


  1. Ohhh I can't wait for knits and to be able to pull out all my vintage wool pencil skirts.

    Was just thinking when I saw your accessory wanting...maybe we could exchange some sewn skirts and maybe blouses for some hats? Just a thought. I know I owe you an email...I just have no energy lately :(

    1. Ugh so much!
      Umm that sounds like he most amazing idea ever! Sophie and I are actually doing something similar since she knits :) loooove the idea of a crafts-exchange!
      No rush, I've been feeling a bit the same lately

  2. Haha, oh man. We've had just one month of cold weather and I'm already sick of it. I need sunshine and birds crapping on my hair! :D
    I love both your summer and winter style, so can't wait to see what you'll come up with :P

    1. It's just too unbearably hot here!!
      Thank you :) I'm rather excited to see what I come up with too!

  3. Fantastic list! I really adore how you combined yesteryear images with those of modern vintage loving ladies (all of whom I recognized/follow their blogs) to highlight an even wider array of ways to sport the garments and accessories highlighted here.

    ♥ Jessica


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