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I don't usually do these kind of things (usually because I forget about them), but I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely and talented Jennifer over at My Sewing Suite, and I'm going to make the effort to actually do it!!

So the Liebster Award is given by bloggers to fellow bloggers who have less than 200 followers, I've been nominated along with a bunch of other lovely ladies to take this little quiz, then make up my own and pass on the love!

Here are the rules:

  • You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
  • You yourself then pick 11 blogs who in turn have under 200 followers.
  • You must then think of 11 questions for the blogs you have picked and also tell them.
  • You must link back to the blog that nominated you.
  • Write 11 facts about yourself

So here goes!

1.  What is your favorite thing that you have sewn or knit?
My favourite thing is generally the most recent thing I have sewn, as I always feel like I'm improving! So at the moment my favourite is the yellow-floral print summer dress I made last week.

2. What is the sewing tool do you use most?
Apart from my sewing machine, I would have to say seam ripper. For sure.

3. Why do you sew?
Well, mostly out of necessity at the moment! I love vintage clothing but find that in general it is well out of my price range. Making replica pieces myself means I get basically the same thing but for a fraction of the cost, not to mention the satisfaction of wearing something I've put a lot of effort into making! I think I started sewing mainly because I found it difficult to find clothing to my specific ideas (living in Australia has it's limitations where shopping is concerned). 

4. What Style icon inspires you?
I can't say I am inspired by just one person!
Everyday ladies from past eras really inspire me, theres just something so amazing at seeing these gorgeous women, dressed to the nines, but in a more realistic and accessible way than a celebrity. I'm also inspired by other bloggers, basically for the same reason :)

5. What is your favorite fictional character?
Hmmmm… I guess it would have to be Ariel. I wanted to be a mermaid with red hair SO bad when I was young, and I kind of still do.

6. What is your guiltiest pleasure?
I'm obsessed with pizza. I will happily sabotage any healthy eating attempt, no matter how long the streak is, just to eat a few (ok a heap of) slices of hawaiian pizza and some garlic bread. I will keep eating it until I have to lie on the floor because if I move I might explode. Our local pizza place knows our order and address off by heart, and the delivery girl is basically our bestie now.
I've also recently gotten way too into the TV shows My Kitchen Rules and The Block. Eli hates it, but I have to watch them now. I'm too emotionally invested.

7. What are you most proud of?
Giving up a job I didn't like to go travelling! It was the best fun ever, I definitely have the travel bug now and we're already planning our next adventure (and the one after that, too!)

8. Cat or dog?
I love both! But I do have two cats, so...

9. Why do you blog?
That's a really good question! I actually started blogging back when I was about 17 (on a different blog, of course) because I had stumbled into blog-land and realised that not everyone had to dress the same. There were all these amazingly stylish ladies with their own blogs that I followed religiously, and I initially decided to start blogging as a way to document my outfits - I would look back at the photos and start to see what worked and what didn't, and it was also awesome to be out there on this platform that others could give their input and opinion about my style too. That blog went pretty well, but eventually I stopped due to work getting in the way. After I stopped blogging I realised I actually missed it a lot. I wasn't putting as much effort into the way I dressed because I was thinking "well, who's going to see it anyway" and that was making me feel pretty down. I also missed interacting with the people who read my blog and those who's blogs I read. 
So I suppose, I blog because I miss it when I don't, and it helps me to remember to make an effort with my appearance, which has a positive impact on my mental health!

10. If you could choose any super power what would it be? 
I think I'd have to say invisibility. Then I could do whatever I wanted and no one would ever know.

11. Describe yourself in 3-5 words
Lucky, creative, worrier.

And I am going to nominate the following. I could only think of 8, I'm sorry! (Also if you are nominated don't feel pressured to play along if you're too busy!)

1. Twirls, Pearls and Combat Boots. My best friend Katie writes this blog. She is awesome in general.
2. Princess Pin Curls. She finds the best vintage clothing at a local Melbourne market and I am forever jealous of her for it. Seriously, amazing.
3. Miss Fairchild's Charm School. A lovely lady I have been lucky enough to meet in real life and whom is a constant inspiration!
4. Little Heap Vintage. Whitney is a great writer and has some serious style.
5. Polka Polish. A recent find for me (I've been having such luck finding all these amazing blogs to read!), she has a gorgeous vintage wardrobe and styles it to perfection, as well as sewing some amazing vintage-inspired pieces (I'm obsessed with the housecoat she made).
6. Bess Georgette. Her Etsy store makes me drool all over my keyboard and cry into my (empty) wallet. Her blog is full of gorgeous vintage articles and photos, and of course personal style.
7. Gracefully Vintage. A very talented seamstress and wearer of beautiful vintage outfits.
8. Beauty In Insanity. Keit was one of my very first readers/commenters, and she is just amazing. She has an awesome, quirky style and is hilarious :)

To answer these questions:

1. If you could be any kind of animal, what would you be?
2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
3. Scary movie or Rom-Com?
4. Do you have a special talent?
5. Are you a collector of anything?
6. What do you think is your best feature (physical or otherwise)?
7. Why do you blog?
8. Where is the farthest you have ever travelled?
9. What is your favourite outfit you have posted on your blog?
10. If money was no object, what would you do all day?
11. Who is your favourite super hero?

And finally, 11 facts about myself:

1. I am so clumsy. SO clumsy. I'm constantly dropping or tripping over things, breaking stuff, making messes and just generally being a total moron. It's gotten to the point where I'm not even embarrassed by it anymore because I'm just so used to it.

2. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't cook meat at home. I'll eat it if someone else has made it for me, or if I'm out to dinner and the veg option sounds less-than-desirable, but in general I prefer vegetarian meals.

3. I currently own two cats and a parrot. I'd love to have a dog some day soon too, but they're a bit harder to hide all evidence of from real estate agents…

4. I'm a pretty messy person. It actually drives me a little bit nuts, but I honestly don't know how it happens. I think I tend to get distracted a little too easy, or maybe I'm too excited to move onto another project after the first and I usually just drop things and move onto the next. oops. 

5. I've never broken a bone in my body (touch wood!)

6. I dream of being a singer, but I am way way waaaaaay too shy.

7. I have hyper-extendable elbows and like to freak people out with them.

8. I'm a huge book worm. I will read anything, and even if I don't like what I'm reading I always have to finish it.

9. I can wiggle my ears and tie snake-lollies into knots with my tongue (I practiced for AGES in high school to be able to do that).

10. I really dislike Summer, and heat in general. Give me cold, gloomy winter any day. 

11. I'm a rather good cook, and I really enjoy cooking new foods (and eating them, of course).


  1. It was fun to read your answers to the questions and the facts about you. Thanks for playing along. I know it is a bit of a task.

    1. Thanks for nominating me! It was actually pretty fun and somewhat difficult to think of answers to some of the questions!

  2. Thanks for the nomination!! I'm jazzed to get started on your questions!

    1. Yay! Can't wait to read your answers :)

  3. Fun! I really liked this post!

  4. I am so jealous that you can tie snakes into knots with your tongue! and thankyou for the nomination- did you tag me? Did I miss it? Sorry if I did, it must have gone into spam. Will post in the next couple of days. xx Shauna

    1. Haha, it's definitely one of my more random/useless talents.
      I think I actually forgot to let anyone know I had nominated them.. oops -_-
      Looking forward to reading your answers!


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