cleopatra costume

Sorry for the radio silence guys, I've had a crazy week and now I am sick :( 

I've a few catch up posts coming your way, and then hopefully it's back to normal blogging so stay tuned!


Last Saturday was my best friend Katie's birthday, and for her party she had decided to have a "TV and movie" themed costume party.

I dressed up as a slightly Elizabeth Taylor-inspired Cleopatra, while Eli went for his favourite Marvel character, Ironman.

Unfortunately the lighting wasn't the best so I didn't get a great deal of photos - but here are some (horrid quality) pics from the night via my phone..

The birthday girl and I. 

Katie was a character from a TV show that I keep forgetting the name of because I didn't watch it (Dawson's Creek? One Tree Hill?)

I was wearing a little sparkly gold dress I thrifted when I was in high school, a chiffon dress from one of the Retrostar garage sales worn as a one-shoulder dress, a necklace on my head (from Diva?) and around my neck (Diva for sure) and a thrifted belt. I didn't have any appropriate shoes but luckily the party was held inside so I just didn't wear any.

walk like an egyptiannnnnnnnna!

For my hair I parted it in the center, straightened it and did about 6 teeny tiny plaits on each side at the front (it's hard to see).

My hair and makeup was inspired by this look:

But I used purple eyeshadow rather than blue to match my dress.

Katie and I started decorating and cooking early in the day to get ready.

We had a bit of a cupcake catastrophe:


But I used my magic skills to fix it, and then we ended up with these delightful caramel-popcorn cupcakes!

 Candy bar!

Katie made these film reel decorations (BY HAND!!) which I stuck around the room.

Eli's Ironman chest. Those muscles are totes real.

We had some rather potent punch and played beer pong all night! :)


  1. Wow, seriously? You look freakin fantastic! Great costume, the hairdo is perfection ^_^

    1. Thanks Keit :) :) It took SO long to do all those tiny plaits, my arms were so sore ahaha

  2. Your costume is awesome! I just found your blog and I love your style, been clicking through old posts! Glad to have found a new blog to read :)

    Also, caramel popcorn cupcakes?!?! Sounds really good!

    Life of Mabel

    1. Thanks Mabel :)
      They were pretty great!


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