I just need some [p]inspiration

Thank you all for your lovely words on my last post - I've decided to put myself on a bit of a sewing ban until the new year, I find whenever I can't sew is always when I want to the most so hopefully that helps!  

As for my wardrobe slump, well, sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration - like this lovely photo of a model from the 50's I've had on my Pinterest board for ages. I was looking through my boards hoping something would leap out at me, when I realised I had basically this outfit, but in reverse..

I tried to copy her pose but forgot what she was doing.. close enough! 

Thank goodness for Pinterest and copying vintage outfits! Not thank goodness for brightness and windiness...

Jacket, trousers and scarf - thrifted/vintage, blouse c/o Dangerfield, shoes - Wittner


  1. LOVE this outfit, beautiful photography too!!! You have the perfect figure for trousers - I wish I could pull them off like you do, but I am too short :P
    I love to save vintage photos from Pintrest for inspiration too :D

  2. Vintage outfit inspiration for the win! I do think it's so cute how your outfit is the reverse of the photo, it looks super on you too.

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. Those trousers look so fantastic!! As well as the entire outfit.

  4. I'm always super jealous of how beautiful and stylish you are! Adore the denim jacket and trousers! Just read that you have a new job, it's that what it's keeping you from blogging? I curse this new job! :D


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