red polka dots

Hat, scarf, coat, sweater, bag - thrifted/vintage, skirt - stolen from my sister, boots - purchased from the lovely Katie-Louise.

Oh, how I love the winter.
Today we did a little bit of exploring around the suburb that we've called home for a whole month now. It's so nice having a lovely park, shopping strip with pretty much anything we could want and lots and lots of beautiful old homes on tree lined streets to look at all within walking distance from our house.

This skirt is my sisters, and I have no idea why I haven't borrowed it before, it is lovely! I was so happy when I realised I could make a pseudo-suit out of it and my recently repaired coat (which I have had now for about 5 years now, and has been sitting in my to-mend pile for about 2 of those.. oops) the colours match almost perfectly!


  1. Aaawww, glad to hear your new home is so nice! ^^ Adore this vintage jacket, the color is spectacular. And the dotted skirt is everything! O_O

  2. Oooh my ! Bag ...
    No, skirt ... No, coat ... Well everything!
    Its lovely xxx


  3. This coat is really beautiful !

  4. because we're on different sides of the world, your posts make me miss autumn and winter. this post especially. your boots and tights are just so adorable, i can't wait to try something like that in the coming months!


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