Boats in the Sunshine

Scarf - vintage, blouse - made by me, everything else thrifted (except socks!)

Today was a rather lovely sunny day, and after deliberating for ages on what to wear (I've forgotten how to dress myself for warm weather and in a way that doesn't involve jeans) I had a very long train trip out to visit a friend and do some wedding planning!

I apologise again for posts being so sparse, but I have gotten myself a job (at last!!) and have been working like crazy to save money so we can move house.. Once this happens I won't have to sit through an hour and a half of public transport every day so I'll have more time to blog. It doesn't help that the days are getting shorter - waking up and getting home in darkness are not really conductive to taking outfit photos, and neither are the rather boring work outfits I've been scrimping together (apparently I have an embarrassing lack of tops that go with jeans.. must remedy this.)

I am planning to try to come up with some non-outfit-related posts so I can try to post more than once a week, but I'm afraid I can't promise anything just yet!

Hope everyone had/has a great weekend!


  1. That blouse is gorgeous, I love this type of cut and if I could I'd have 50 blouses like this to go with all of my skirts (that I never wear for lack of matching blouses lol). I also LOVE that hat, so pretty :)

  2. You look flawless! I adore your blouse, the print, the cut. So cute!

    Also, congrats on getting a job!


  3. Your blouse looks terrific, I can't believe it's the first one you made! And congratulations on the job-- I totally understand the work-related photo difficulties. When I had a 10-6 it was a real struggle trying to get photos in during the week. I think I ended up taking them before work a lot, or weekends. Anyway, I bet you'll settle into a routine, but in the meantime, congrats again!

  4. I Love this look its quite simple as a combo but always Wins:)

    I like the straws reminding of the sunny Days and this 50s sleeveless shirt is exactly in the mood to go With.


  5. You are looking lovely!
    O, being close to work makes life so much easier. I hope you find somewhere splendid to live! X

  6. Gorgeous! I absolutely love the novelty print on your shirt, and combined with the sunhat and the black pleated skirt the look is absolutely classic.
    I completely understand the difficulty of blogging with a job... I'm about to head off for my first day of work in a few hours, and I'm sure it'll take a little while for me to sort out my schedule again. Congratulations, though, work is fantastic!

  7. Love the boat fabric, so cute. Congrats on the new job.

  8. A darling outfit! I love the novelty print, and the pleats on your skirt are too perfect. I'm such a sucker for pleating ~ and straw hats for that matter... Too bad it's coming on to winter in Australia, I won't be wearing any straw hats for a while yet. :) ♥

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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