Merry/Happy Christmas/New Years

Hello hello!

As you may of heard, most of Australia is experiencing a ridiculous heatwave currently, particularly Melbourne and Adelaide (which was apparently the hottest city on the planet today). 

Well, this outfit is from well before all this crazy heat started - before Christmas in fact! I wore this outfit to my family Christmas party the day before we jetted up to Queensland (and later drove down to New South Wales) to see Eli's family for the Christmas/New Years period.

So naturally after spending my days in mid 20 to mid 30 degree heat up there, I come back home to usually cold Melbourne and it is in the mid 40's every day! What is this????

Everything thrifted except top which is really a dress from Portmans. 

I'm sweating just seeing myself wearing a cardigan!

Thats a little bit better.

My computer has decided to voice its distaste for this heatwave by not letting me run any of my usual editing programs, hence the slightly blurry photos.. for some reason re-sizing them makes them blurry when I use the viewer on my computer. But it's honestly so hot I don't really care.

I was very very lucky whilst visiting Eli's family to be given a bunch of vintage patterns and pattern books which I will be sharing here over the coming.. well.. forever because she gave me SO many.
Which is quite fortunate really because with the weather how it is and the state of my finances I really haven't bothered to wear proper clothing since we got back.

So expect lots of vintage sewing goodness and a lot of sadness that we can't just send in a mass order form for all of the beautiful patterns.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Years!!


  1. Beautiful ♥

  2. I hear you about the has been disgustingly hot. It's too hard to wear proper clothes, let alone a crinoline or girdle. Thank goodness for the cool change and a couple of days reprieve. xx Shauna

  3. Very, very fun outfit! I just love wee polka/Swiss dots like the ones on your skirt. In fact, in general, I prefer my dots to be on the small to medium at most side. Bigger than that and they rarely seem to work on my short, curvy figure.

    How exciting that you received oodles of patterns and sewing books! Lucky girl! :)

    Big hugs & scores of thanks for your wonderfully nice comment on today's New Look post (I adore knowing that this classic silhouette helped inspire your own love of vintage fashion),

    ♥ Jessica


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