outfit: polka pan

I don't actually recall how long I have owned this dress.
It's one of my favourites, but honestly every time I wear it the outfit generally ends up looking the same.

Today I thought it would be nice if my dress pretended to be a skirt for a while, which turned out rather well I think.
I'm actually on a bit of a roll of trying to match up outfits that I wouldn't usually think of - I've actually gone through and planned a couple so I don't have to think so much in the mornings and have more time to do the important things, like ask my cats what they have planned for the day or spend 20 minutes trying to find my house key (still couldn't find it).

I also got very excited about the multiple-photo-taking feature on my camera.. I mean I already knew about it but I didn't know you could also use it in conjunction with the camera remote, so I now have a collection of about 45 photos of me mid-air with my eyes closed. Something to show the kids, you know.

dress - Retrostar, jumper - Target, scarf and belt - thrifted, necklace - eBay, shoes - Windsor Smith


And just as an added bonus, here is a song/band I am loving SO MUCH right now. I'm not sure if they could be any more adorable.


  1. Hahaaha, yup multiple shots are quite time consuming and fun :D
    I love how you made that dress look like a skirt and that belt is wow!

  2. Love your outfit, so cute, and the song is great!


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