outfit: casual friday checks

coat - thrifted, shirt - thrifted, belt - Supre, jeans - American Apparel, shoes - wittner

I don't usually wear my hair "done" to work, however this morning I got up and just thought stuff it, I'm sick of having lank, boring hair at work and not being myself!!!

Luckily all of the people who commented on it said they liked it so maybe I'll actually make the effort to do my hair most days now.

This was just a very casual outfit to round off a very loooonnng week, I'm so glad that it's over!


  1. As Audioslave sang "To be yourself is all that you can do" :D Love the hair, you are just like a pin up girly, so pretty! And that coat is perfect!

  2. Love your hair and the high waist jeans!

  3. I love your hair!!!


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