outfit: more orange

As a person who changes their hair colour often, I have noticed that each time I change the colour I have a little mini freak-out along the lines of "ohmygodwhathaveIdonenothingIownwillgowiththiscolournoooooooooo!!!"

Usually it works out fine, but there's always that awkward period of re-adjustment while you consider whether it really is ok to still use your favourite purple dress as your lazy-days outfit (still can't decide.. maybe not to work?), or just how comfortable you feel clashing orange or green with purple (completely fine, apparently. How about all at once??!)

I'm not really a big believer in only wearing colours that you deem "suit you" - I honestly think that if you wear something with enough confidence it doesn't matter what colour it is, you will look awesome because you feel awesome.

Dressing for your shape now, thats a different issue entirely..

Shirt is from my epic ASOS binge, necklace is off eBay, skirt, shoes and belt are thrifted and coat is Princess Highway!


  1. I used to dye my hair totally crazy colors all the time but I mostly wore all black. I just recently put some pink streaks in my hair that match a coat I have perfectly (I didn't plan it on purpose) and I always feel a little too matchy matchy so I totally understand that feeling.

    1. I love the look of coloured hair with all black outfit - so simple yet effective - however I have a very fluffy grey cat whose fur sticks to everything, so I try to wear minimal amounts of black.
      So true though, I have a lot of gorgeous pink things in my wardrobe that I just haven't been able to bring myself to wear because I had pink hair and it just looks odd haha.

    2. My roommate had a long haired, very cuddly white cat, so I am well aware of those problems ;)

  2. I just looove your hair! <3



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