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Some images from my 'DIY' Pinterest board that I'm feeling especially inspired by at the moment. I have so many images pinned on this board, I'd really love to actually get some of the projects happening!

Handkerchief Curtain -  I love the idea of using vintage handkerchiefs sewn together as curtains - it would make such lovely soft light in a room. Katie from Skunkboy has done something similar which also looks adorable.

Felt Billy Balls (Craspedia) - Craspedia is everywhere at the moment! These Aussie/NZ natives give a gorgeous pop of colour, but who wants to actually grow a live plant when you can make flowers that will live forever! This is actually something I should be attempting shortly (once the supplies are delivered), only I don't have the patience to follow the tutorial for those pictured, so I will be trying out my own method.

Cat Teepee - I can't even explain how badly I want one of these for Apollo! Unfortunately I don't have the funds to be spending $88 on a cat house, so I'm thinking of attempting one of my own. There are a few tutorials out there so it shouldn't be too difficult!

Bottle Cap Wind Chime - Recycling rules! I love wind chimes! That's pretty much all the reason I need to make one of these to hang out on my balcony!

Paint your Washing Machine - So many home appliances are very blah. Unless you can spend big bucks on fancy brand-name appliances, you generally have a choice between white, white, or stainless. So this tutorial rules in a big way. Imagine a floral washing machine!!!

Ice-Cream Pillow Case - Equal parts beautiful and quirky. I'm so inspired by this to paint my own (possibly food related) pillow cases!

I'm hoping to get a few of these things ticked off my "to make" list soon - Maybe I need to start a DIY challenge?

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