photo a day - week 3

Kind of amazed I'm still sticking with this!
This week I had a few photos that I kind of left to the last second and then panicked and rushed it so I'm not super happy with them.. It's really hard to be creative like this when you basically do the same thing every day. But I guess thats part of the point of doing the challenge - stepping outside the box and really noticing your surroundings.

Can I also just say I am SO happy with my hair there in that photo.. I had been researching and trialling the rolled fringe for the entire week and they kept failing, then I finally sorted it out just in time to wear it out to my boyfriends gig! I found the most straight forward instructions on how to do a rolled fringe (with no hair rat or anything) here.

Day 14 - Something Yellow // Day 15 - An Ordinary Moment // Day 16 - Two Things // Day 17 - Ready // Day 18 - Shadow // Day 19 - Delicious // Day 20 - Something You Saw

Once again, if you'd like to play along check it out here!

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