mint, lavender and white

First of all - to Kate who commented on my last post - I am SO sorry but I somehow managed to delete your lovely comment before I even finished reading it.. got a little click happy and blogger wont allow me to retrieve it :( Thank you so much for the comment though!!!

Today is Australia Day here (or "Straya Day" if you prefer). We are not really doing anything, just hanging out, listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 and as soon as my sister gets here we shall have some drinks!

We did leave the house momentarily to go and swap over a shirt that my boyfriend got for his birthday. I'm wearing a gorgeous mint lace dress from Forever New (on super duper sale!), secondhand fur-collared cardigan, bag and belt, boots from Target and I can't recall where the tights are from.

I also trialled a new 40's/50's hair style - just a couple of victory roll type things but I really liked the effect, and I'm slowly getting better at this type of style. The secret for my hair is definitely teasing and lots of hair-spray!!

Tonight my boyfriend's band is playing at a club in the city, so I will be there dancing and/or singing along!


  1. Oh that mint dress is freakin breath taking! Looks so pretty with the hair ^_^


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