outfit: rock lobster dress

Do you ever have an outfit planned to wear for what seems like forever, and then when you finally get around to wearing it you're kind of... Underwhelmed by how it looks on?

Scarf, belt & jacket - thrifted, dress - Revival, shoes - vintage, brooch - Lovisa

Maybe it's just because I was lazy last night and didn't set my hair (well not lazy, I was up till 11 sewing!), but I have had this outfit hanging up on my rail* for about a week and today while I was wearing it I just felt very "meh".

I'm not sure how one manages to feel "meh" whilst wearing a 50's style dress which is covered in LOBSTERS. Don't ask me how that works. Maybe it's because it's Wednesday. 

I do love this dress though, it is all kinds of rad. It had an attached belt with a bow on it but I ripped it off because it sat in a weird spot and I like matching my belts to my outfits on my own, thank you very much!


*Yes, I am that kind of geek who puts outfits together and then hangs them on a rail ready to wear at some point in the future. Not even just for particular days or events. Just because.


  1. Haha I do that too (the outfits being put together thing!). Love the lobsters, that dress is amazing!

  2. Haha I'm sorry you feel meh! This dress is the bomb dot com, though, really.


  3. That lobster dress is my favorite! ^_^ And the red blazer is fantastic!
    I have a lot of this disappointments actually.
    I think of an outfit and can't wait to actually wear it. But when I do wear it and take photos, it seems just plain boring and ugly :D Don't know why this happens!

  4. This outfit is so far from meh it's coming back. That dress is INCREDIBLE! And I love the light dress/black belt contrast. I definitely get 'meh outfit' syndrome though - 90% of my life is blighted by it, in fact. But rest assured that the above rests comfortably in gosh danged awesome territory :)
    Betti xx

  5. haha I do the same! Sometimes an outfit just pops in my head and I have to hang it somewhere for an occasion! :) I also get that feeling every now and then, though I have to say your outfit is not "meh" at all! A lobster print dress?? That is the coolest thing ever, love it!
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  6. yea, how do you feel meh in a dress like that?!? haha but yes, i've had a lot of those moments where i whipped up something AMAZING in my head but then when i put it on i was all "god, no. no." haha but i really like yours though- especially with the red on red.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. Amia - Oh good, glad I'm not the only one hehe. It is rather helpful though!

    Rachel - I love that phrase hahaha, thank you!

    Keit - Ugh, I know! So annoying! But you always look super awesome anyway :)

    Betti - Haha thank you! It is one of my faves :)

    Ester - Yes! It's just so handy! Aw thanks, the dress is pretty rad ^_^

    Marlen - You know, I think it was just the overall look.. really not too sure.

  8. OH GOD that dress is all kinds of awesome!!

    Just discovered your blog, love what I'm reading! Your outfits are gorgeous


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