1940's catalogue scan droolfest (and it's not just the hardcore pain meds)

So this is me at the moment.. so attractive.

Hi guys! My extractions went really well (so I'm told, I was out for the whole thing), and I actually feel pretty good apart from a slight puffiness about the face and difficulty opening my mouth properly. Not good enough for getting dressed and doing outfits I'm afraid, but my brain seems to be functioning reasonably well.

I've been Pinning like mad this morning so I thought I'd share with you some amazing 1940's clothing catalogue scans I found over on The Fedora Lounge. They are so inspiring! If I hadn't just spent over $2000 on getting teeth removed I would absolutely be heading down to some op shops today!

All these images and more are on my Pinterest board.

I love the way these patterned skirts are cut.

These coats are just divine! I could really use one for our cold days here in Melbourne!

The trouser obsession continues...

That turquoise jacket reminds me a bit of the gorgeous vintage cardigan that keeps popping up on Esme and the Laneway (which I have been utterly in love with since the first time I saw it!!), and I adore that little hooded number on the bottom right. So my colours, right?

Love those two green dresses.

Just. All of this please.

The outfit on the right is actually perfection. I am going to steal all of this.

I actually had a blue-and-white striped shirt like that one.. I wonder where it's got to..

The girl on the right is just so adorable.


Shooooooooees! There are a great deal of these styles that are being sold in shops at the moment.

Love those lace up booties

Boots! I never knew that boots were fashionable/available back then!

I definitely need some fancy slippers while I am lounging around the house for the next week or so.. I'll take one of each, thanks. 

I know they're for kids, but those bunny slippers are the best.


  1. Bahaha, you look uber adorable with those peas :-D
    Glad to hear everything went better than expected :-D

    1. Haha thanks. This was right before I turned full-blown chipmunk.. It didn't look as cute as it sounds sadly!

  2. Gorgeous scans! I'm in love with the "HoodWinker" and those bunny slippers!

    1. So pretttyyyy. And yeah, bunny slippers need to be made in adult sizes like, yesterday!

  3. I want all of those clothes!! so cute!

    1. Me too! I wish we could go shopping soon. Stupid saving.


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