outfit: floral tea dress and mustard

Boo for wisdom teeth, and boo for photos taken in the almost night time.

I hope you liked my last couple of posts, I had grand plans of posting a different non-outfit related post each day but in the end the swelling and weakness got the better of me so that went out the window!

Actually, while I was recovering last week I was very productive - I made a new sun dress (that I am very proud of and will be showing to you all once we have a decent weather day!), I started on a band-related craft project and I fixed a range of clothes that were sitting in my mountainous to-fix pile, including this darling dress!

Dress - Revival, belt - vintage, brooch - eBay, tights - Myer, shoes - Wittner, coat - vintage

Hopefully the cuteness of this dress is apparent in these some-what blurry photos.. I got it from the Clear-It outlet ages ago, got home all excited to put it on and promptly broke the zip. Can you believe it's taken me about a year and a half to replace a zip?! Bad Taygan.

I was having a good hair day.. until the wind came along! #vintagegirlproblems

This coat is SO WARM which is great because we've been having some pretty cold days lately, and apparently there's more to come!


  1. Haha, glad to see painless wisdom teeth make you so productive :-D The dress is sublime, and with that coat is perfect ^_^

  2. I adore the print of your dress, and I did enjoy your last few posts, especially the 1940s catalog post.

    1. Oh I'm so glad! I'll be sure to do more like it in the future :)


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