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 Cardigan - dangerfield, everything else thrifted/vintage


We are finally (mostly) settled into our new house and have just gotten the internet set up today so I thought I'd get straight to it with an outfit I wore the other day :)

Even though it is now officially winter (yay!), and therefore now gets dark at about 5:30, I can still manage to take semi-ok photos because our new house has LIGHT and WHITE WALLS. So excited. Now I have no excuse.

This dress has narrowly escaped being thrown out many, many times - something about it just makes me hold on to it, even though I don't have that much that goes with it and it has rips near the waistband (which I will fix.. one day) which means I constantly have to check that the belt is keeping everything in place. So when I pulled it out of my closet and magically threw this colour-coordinated outfit together I was very glad it had survived through so many wardrobe purges.. It seems I've picked up a few more neutral-toned pieces recently, so this dress lives to be worn another day!

Anyway, I just thought I'd do a quick post so I can stop feeling bad about not posting, I have a few things lined up (reviews! work outfits! sewing!) so expect those over the next week or so :)


  1. Beautiful, I love your looks. kisses!!

  2. The autumnal tones in this outfit look great on you!

  3. This outfit is so pretty! I think keeping that dress was a good idea as it is too cute, and I just love your cardigan! Embellished cardigans are the best :)

  4. You look quite... Autumnal! I love it! That coat and the cardigan are both so swell!

  5. That's what makes it so hard to throw things out - all those times you are glad you didn't! Good call though, it looks good.

  6. Why would you want to throw it out, this dress is awesome! Love how you styled it, the trench coat if magnificent! Yay for the new house, I'm so happy for you ^_^

  7. Yay for light and white walls! I do love the neutral tones of your outfit, not to mention the awesome cat purse! I myself hate it when my vintage clothes rip ~ because they sit around forever waiting for me to mend them. It's so sad when that happens... ♡
    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. That print is SO CUTE! Also, I love how excited Australians get about winter. As a Canadian, all I can do is wait for summerrrrrr! We've been having the coldest summer I can ever remember - probably as warm as your winter, haha ;). Congrats on the move! New houses are fun!

  9. i love the print and coloure palette of this dress! the whole look is absolutely stunning.


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