Busy as a bee.

Sorry about the lack of posting lately everyone, I've been flat out with work and wedding crafts, AND this weekend we moved house! 

We don't have proper internet up yet and the house is currently still in boxes so once normality resumes hopefully so will semi-regular blog posts. 

I have been finding it a bit difficult to do outfit posts lately as I now work at a jeans store and have to wear their jeans.. That's not to say the jeans aren't great, or that I'm not putting my own vintage-ish spin on them, but rather I am worried it will become a bit tiresome if I were to post work outfits containing the same 3 pairs of jeans (which are really just one style in three colours!) 5 days a week and then one pretty vintage one... If you would like to see what I wear to work, however, let me know and maybe I can make it a once or twice a week thing. 
Any other suggestions for blog posts (i do have a hairnet review and a Besame lipstick review in the works, it's been a long time coming) do let me know!

And since I have them on my phone (which I'm posting from using the dreadful blogger app, so apologies for the formatting), here are two of my favourite outfits I wore at work last week, in mirror-selfie form!

50's tropical pinup!

30's boudoir gypsy!


  1. I love that you can still put a vintage spin when you have to wear jeans!

  2. Since I absolutely love jeans, and only have regular modern jeans, I personally would be very happy to see more of these outfits!

  3. I think it would be super interesting to see how you style jeans everyday. And I think you're the best person for this! I really don't know how to style jeans, usually I just look boring, but you are so creative and pretty, I would love to see what you come up with!
    And daaamn, is the Wedding soon? Can't wait! I'm so excited, it's like I'm getting married! :D

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  5. I'm in your boat! I wear dirt-tolerant clothes every day now. But I will say, 1) I'd live to see your spins on jeans--you may help inspire me to shake up my work attire, 2) girl I wanna get those jeans you're wearing. Excellent salesmanship!


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