USA update - Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle was a big deal for us. 

The band played their first US show at Chop Suey the second night we were there, and it was so awesome. The crowd really got into it and the whole band had a great time. 

The same night, after we had left the gig in the pouring rain and stopped in at a club for an hour or so and gotten back to our hotel room Eli asked me to marry him!

Seattle was definitely one of my favourite places, it felt like Melbourne, but more awesome :)

Also, apologies if the formatting on these posts is totally all over the place.. I'm using the Blogger mobile app which is rather lacking.. It looks fine on my phone but it probably looks horrid on computers.. Sorry!!


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That's biiiig news girl. What did you saaaaaay???? Did you say YES :D

  2. Congratulations lovely - so excited for you!!!!!!

  3. Lovely!!!! So so cute ♥

  4. Congratulations!!!!! How exciting! That is an absolutely gorgeous ring :)


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