USA update - Portland!

Hey guys!!!

Sorry for the epically long absence, the last few weeks have been completely insane and I have had NO time to sit down at a computer and write any posts, and I've been basically wearing the same outfit everyday because with 9 people in your group it's hard to find the time to put effort into your appearance!

So a travel-related update instead! 
We landed at LAX on the 2nd of September, met up with 5 of our friends, hopped in our epic 12 seat van and drove 16 hours to Portland, OR to meet some of the other guys. 

Tour van!

We were only there for one night before we had to rush off to Seattle for the bands first show, but we managed to eat some Sizzle Pie pizza, have lunch and breakfast at Laughing Planet, walk around the streets a bit and have drinks at the bar below our hotel. 

We haven't been able to get the photos off our camera yet (next time I am bringing a laptop for sure!) so these are all from my phone/Instagram. If you want to follow along with our adventures in almost real-time, feel free to follow me on Instagram (@taygan).


  1. Literally turning green from envy. Keep on having a fabulous time!


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