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I always like these kinds of posts on other blogs, so I thought I'd do a post about my usual makeup.

I generally do my makeup the same each day, sometimes omitting liquid eyeliner if I'm in a hurry or not really going anywhere. If I'm going out I'll occasionally play around with eyeshadows but usually very subtly.

Growing up dancing at concerts and competitions, I have an immense dislike for the feeling of heavy makeup on my skin, so makeup for me is about using the bare minimum to enhance my features - no foundation applied with a trowel for me, thank you very much!

I'm also pretty lazy and get frustrated by having to spend too much time on my makeup and hair in the mornings so I've streamlined my routine so I can apply it quickly and be on my way!

First of all, I always wash and moisturise my face every morning (and night) with Cetaphil. I've tried fancy skincare products but my skin is very hit and miss and can be quite sensitive at times. I've just found that Cetaphil just does what it's supposed to with no drying or irritation, so I've stuck with it!
Every few days I will mix some with a bit of baking soda for a gentle face scrub.

I'm lucky that my skin is (generally) pretty good, so depending on what I'm doing on any given day, I may or may not choose to use foundation. While I was in the USA I went to Sephora and got them to colour-match my skin tone with their fancy little wand thingy and suggest some products. I wanted something that would give me a nice matte look, was creamy and didn't feel super heavy on. I ended up trying out this one by Ardency Inn and I absolutely love it! Obviously the colour is perfect for me, but also because it is concentrated it gives awesome coverage when used alone, or you can mix with primer or moisturiser for a lighter coverage. It doesn't highlight the dryer areas of my skin (around my nose can be particularly bad) and is also a very useful spot concealer. I just apply this with my fingers a little at a time and make sure to blend it all in.

For powder I LOVE Illamasqua's loose translucent powder (excuse my dirty brushes, eep), even putting it straight onto your bare skin will somehow magically even out your skin tone and create a beautiful matte finish. I tend to use this if I'm having a lazy makeup day/don't have enough time for a full face or over the top of my foundation if I'm going somewhere fancy.

I picked up this cheapo blusher for about $3 at the local chemist. I had been searching for a matte peachy blush but couldn't really find one in the right shade. I like to buy cheap brands to test out colours before I invest in something better, and I really do like this colour so I'll probably be purchasing Illamasqua's blush next if they have the right shade.

I shape and fill in my eyebrows using a pressed powder compact for brows by The Body Shop. I only use the darker colour (as you can probably tell!) and I rarely use the little brush it comes with as it's too stiff.

For mascara, I've been using this Rimmel one lately and it works just fine. I really hate changing mascaras because I never know what the brush is going to do to my lashes till after I've gotten it home and tried it. Why are there SO many crazy mascara-brush shapes?? What do they all do?? It's all too confusing so I just stick to this one, which I buy at the supermarket because it's easy.

Not pictured is my liquid liner - I've been using this Maybelline liquid eyeliner or something similar for ages. I tried out the new pen-type ones and also that little gel pot one with the brush but I'm just way more used to these old ones and find it a lot easier to control how thick or thin the line is.

I only use MAC lipsticks at the moment, because I find that they give the best coverage and last the longest without being drying. The shades I currently use are Russian Red, Lady Danger and Girl About Town. I'd love a nice brick-red for autumn but have yet to find one I like. I also use a MAC lip liner in Cherry whenever I use my Russian Red to stop it bleeding.
I am clearly down to the dregs of my red lipstick, so I'm looking at perhaps trying something new next (maybe Limecrime or Besame I think.)
On occasion I will use this Revlon lip stain too, sometimes as a liner and sometimes on it's own for a more subtle look.

And thats pretty much it! It seems like a lot more than it is writing it all down, but it's a routine that I've got pretty much down pat.

Do you have any favourite products? Any recommendations for cheap powders, blush or lipsticks welcome!

*** All products shown have been purchased by myself. I have not been paid to endorse any of the companies mentioned, I just like and/or use these particular products currently :) ***

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