Some sunny day


Today was a long day. Eli and I woke up extra early (ok, half an hour earlier) as we were meant to be visiting my parents for dinner.. But first we had to return a shoe (singular), visit an op shop and have a doctors appointment!

It was a lovely, sunny, slightly-too-warm day, so I wore a somewhat weather appropriate outfit, with a sun hat of course!

Hat, belt & shoes - thrifted, blouse - eBay, skirt - made by me, scarf - borrowed

My skirt is the first of a (hopefully) three piece outfit I'm making from that lovely wool blend fabric I mentioned a while ago.. it was maybe a little too wool for today.

Also, that scarf may have been protecting me from hat hair, but coupled with the black hat it was also making my head a little bit too toasty, so off it all came (not the skirt!)

Muuuuch better.

In other news, my sister and I will be hitting up Coburg's Trash and Treasure market tomorrow bright and early with the hopes of nabbing ourselves a stall space and offloading a bunch of clothes and shoes (and other random stuff that our Mum just dumped on me) - if you're around and looking for cheap random clothing pieces do come by!


  1. Great outfit-- I like the boots, and I have no idea how your makeup can look flawless in hot weather-- but I can't believe you didn't explain the story of returning one shoe!!

  2. Very, very lovely, delightfully classic ensemble. I have a 1980s does 1940s/50s glen plaid dress in a striking similar fabric (colour and pattern wise, I mean) to your great pencil skirt. It's the heaviest weight dress that I own actually, so it tends to get the most play from October to early April.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love how simple, but striking this outfit is. The skirt is gorgeous and the hat-what a stunning piece! I wish it was too warm here to wear wool! I've been wearing a lot of it since it is winter here :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous outfit, you look so glam with that hat and scarf :)

  5. Love your outfit, the skirt you made (Well done !) and your blog.
    Following you right away.




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