After my last post I couldn't stop thinking about all of the pretty Autumny/Wintery things I've had sitting in my wardrobe unworn for what feels like forever, so I couldn't help myself but get a little bit carried away with it all when yesterday was forecast with a top of 23C.

Of course, the sun came out and made it feel more like 25, so I ended up being just a tad too warm, despite the trousers being rather thin.

I think I shall call this my Equestrienne/fancy Land Girl look.

Scarf, jacket, shirt & trousers - thrifted / boots - vintage

I inherited these gorgeous boots from my Nana, I think they may be from the 1970's. They are absolutely gorgeous but a tad big.. If I wear thick enough socks I'm fine though!

In other news, I've been slowly working on plans and bits and pieces for mine and Eli's wedding, which is going to be this October(!) We have already booked our venue, celebrant and photographer, sent out our save the dates and started on our invite design. I've got my shoes and have finalised the design for my dress.. Did I mention I'm making my dress? Yikes.
I've ordered some fabric samples and have to start on a muslin soon.. I don't have a back up plan as of yet so I'm just hoping it works!!

On the to-do list next is work out a menu (why is this so hard???), sort out the ceremony and start on my many decoration ideas.

I think I'm doing alright at not stressing too much so far, but it's early days.. Just have to keep reminding myself that the only thing that matters is the actual marriage part, if anything else doesn't work out exactly how I pictured it's not the end of the world! Wish me luck!


  1. Crap, Taygan. You look amazing!

    Love, Amy

  2. Wow, that jacket and those boots are killer! How lucky you were to inherit such fabulous footwear. :) And I wish you all the best with your wedding planning and making your dress!


    1. Thank you Jenny! I'm so glad she held on to them, I don't think she's kept much else sadly. Thank you! I'm hoping it doesn't cause too much stress!

  3. the little red jacket is fantastic. love it!

  4. Such a cute ensemble and I love your boots!
    I'm so happy about the cooler weather at the moment. :D

  5. Love this look, the colors go perfectly together. I can't wait to see your dress, that's so cool and special that you're making it :)


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