I'm finally back from my trip (well, technically I've been back for 2 weeks now..) and I finally have a moment to organise myself and get back to this blog!

Sorry for the total silence there.. one of the big things I learnt while overseas is that travelling and blogging is HARD! Particularly when you are on a river cruise in Vietnam drinking cocktails and there is no wi-fi *sob* haha.

I've really wanted to post sooner, but that too has been hard due to a) every single person I know now wants to catch up with me, b) I have no job or money so I haven't really been going anywhere and c) I've realised I really dislike about 85% of the clothes in my wardrobe and have been basically living in my pj's since I got home.

That makes outfit posts a little difficult.

I did, however, put some clothes on yesterday and leave the house to go and see a lovely new friend of mine whom I met at the Vintage Society meet up I went to just before we left. As someone who has always had a severe (SEVERE) lack of girlfriends it is just SO nice to have met a person and just clicked with them.. this is a very rare occurrence!

Anyway, with regards to my wardrobe, I'm on a bit of a warpath to fix it up, starting with a huge purge (the piles.. oh my god), planning a list of basics which I will mostly have to make myself or thrift since I'm on rather limited funds, and then moving on to making some more lovely vintage-inspired pieces to flesh it out again!

So, in the coming months expect to be bombarded with sewing-related posts, and I will also try to make an effort to leave the house at least once a week wearing something half-decent.

I also have lots of holiday photos.. but I'm not sure whether to share them all in a huge post, if at all. Possibly just a few pics here and there? Let me know what you prefer!

Cardigan - Myer, blouse - Dangerfield, skirt - made by me, shoes - Golden Ponies

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  1. Welcome home lovely lady! I loved seeing your trip pics. They made me incredibly jealous!


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